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Within Regina and Saskatoon Built Environments Canada offers a free, 15 minute initial on-site consultation. By visiting a site first hand we are best able to determine what hazards are present and the associated risks. With this information we may customize our assessment to meet your individual needs.

Outside of Regina or Saskatoon?  We still offer our outstanding service but travel costs must be applied.

Built Environments Provides Advice and Solutions

We see ourselves as being in a class of our own that really stands out from the competition.  We have the most experienced consultants, cutting edge technology and the most affordable rates of any company offering similar services in Saskatchewan. We are an honest, Saskatchewan owned and operated company striving to ensure all buildings and the people of this province remain healthy.


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  • What are the benefits of a consultation?
    Lower risk of illnesses (like asthma) Increased productivity in the home or workplace Financial savings on general overhead and building maintenance Reduction of liabilities, showing concern for employees’ well-being through due diligence and adherence to health and safety standards Avoids costly mistakes in building design and restoration through proactive project management Clear guidance on the process for any further work you might need done to fix an issue
  • Don’t just wonder. Know you’re safe!
    Delayed response to a hazard may be detrimental to the health and well-being of those you love or depend on You could be found liable for an employee or tenant becoming ill due to negligence of an issue in your building. If air quality problems are ignored, dangerous long-term issues with your building may develop that may be expensive to correct.
  • How do the initial consultations work?
    A qualified consultant from Built Environments come to your home, workplace, or industrial setting to assess your situation. We will advise you on any next steps you need to best proceed in addressing any issues that we might discover. Consultant are project guides who provide you with the technical skills and information you need to make the best decisions for your situation. If you have any concerns about air quality in the settings where you live, work, or employ others, it is critical to address your problems earlier than later.
  • What is the cost of the consultation?
    Built Environments provides a free 15 minute consultation for first-time clients within Saskatoon and Regina. Clients outside of Saskatoon and Regina can still book appointments, but at our standard hourly rates plus travel expenses. We service all of Saskatchewan and beyond. Contact us for details. Our pricing is set to be affordable so that everyone can get the answers they deserve regarding the health of their occupied space.
  • What is the process for a consultation?
    Book an appointment We come to your home, workplace, or industrial building We discuss your concerns with you We assess the areas in question for hazards and associated risks We advise you as to whether or not you have a legitimate concern that needs addressing If required, we create a detailed action plan to help you move forward in fixing the problem
  • How long does a consultation usually take?
    It is difficult to say how long a consultation may take due to the varying complexity of problems that may exist. Typically it may be assumed that a consultation takes approximately 1 hour per 1000 square feel of space to be assessed. This means that an on-site consultation for a standard home would usually take less than 2 hours. Consulting on larger projects may require several stages of work and may be ongoing over several weeks or months.
  • Who performs the consultation?
    Consultations are performed by our well trained and experienced staff headed by Josh Kulyk. Our friendly staff are all construction experts with strong backgrounds in science and technology. We are all very passionate about construction and ensuring safe, healthy occupancies for our clients.
  • How can I best prepare for the consultation?
    When preparing for a consultation it is a good idea to compile a list of issues you wish to address and incidents that have occurred so that we may consider all the factors most important to you when working to investigate and resolve your concerns. If indoor air quality testing is to be conducted it is a good idea to close up the windows and doors well in advance of the testing to get the best idea of the fungal ecology indoors without dilution from outside air.
  • What happens if you discover an issue?
    If a potential issue is discovered during a consultation you will be presented with a brief background related to the hazard and its risks. Depending on the issue sampling may be recommended to determine the presence of a hazard or the exposure levels. In some cases the hazard may be related to a construction defect that would be brought to your attention and recommended for correction. No matter what the issue we do our very best to give you accurate, pertinent information so that you may make informed decisions that best suit your situation.
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